Monday, September 28, 2009

MCI finally awakens and how ( Part 3 )

No Research, No promotion Policy for all Medical Colleges.

The MCI ( Medical Council of India ) has made research work for promotion mandatory for all 299 medical colleges in India. According to old regulations an Assistant Professor can be promoted to Assistant Professors post after 5 years of service. The research work in these 5 years was desirable and not compulsory. Now according to new regulations the 5 year term is reduced to 4 years but there should be mandatory 2 original paper publication, without which the promotion cannot take place.

The same applies to Associate Professor to Professor level promotion. 3 Years of experience as associate( previously 4 years) but mandatory 4 papers to be published.
So we will have younger professors and new thoughts and insight from young blood.

There are some striking facts not very well known to Medical fraternity in India, like
  • We have largest number of medical colleges in the world.
  • All but only 1.2% of research work in contributed by India in world Medical research annually.
  • The top 10 medical colleges of India are the doing 70% of all Indian Medical research and other 289 colleges contribute to rest 30%.
  • India has 300 medical journals.
  • Only 10% of journals brought out in India have qualified for the international standard(ISSN) serial number given out by Paris based agency.

1 comment:

  1. Let us accept NCHRH and shed the dead skin. Let us start all over again.

    The damage done so far cannot be undone by taking these hurried decisions which will not have any far reaching outcomes.

    As you only say that "the other 289" medical colleges do the 30% of the remaining research, let me remind you about something called plagiarism.

    And, who is going to fund these so-called researches. This is one more step by the MCI to bottleneck the Govt. medical colleges regarding promotion of teachers as those who will be even little better will be taken up by the private ones as they will be he "pet ones" of the council.