Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nearing 5000 hits on my blog
http://ping.fm/lmJvD Thank you folks.
Makes me happy but still a long way to go.


  1. dear sir, i am a laparoscopic surgeon and endoscopist. i want to know about your follow up in bariatric surgery in your series.now-a-days lot of controversies about this surgery like more complications are coming. what is your opinion?

  2. Dear Dr. Ramesh.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments.
    Well the results of bariatic procedure are for everyone to see. Lap Gastric bypass has been a gold standard in Bariatric surgery.
    Sleeve gastrectomy is the new darling of all surgeons.
    Iam not very convinced with Lapband though.
    Yes, definitely there are complications with initial few procedures, so make it a point that when you operating a Bariatric procedure please take help of a established Bariatric surgeon for first 5 cases at lest.
    Start with Sleeve gastrectomy.