Sunday, December 20, 2009

Should we legalize euthanasia in India ??

The mood at KEM Hospital on Thursday, which has been home to Nurse Aruna Ramachandra Shanbaug for the past 36 years, was that of anger after the employees learnt about the plea moved in the Supreme Court, asking to stop her force-feeding.

Aruna, who was a nurse at the hospital, was attacked by a ward boy on the night of November 27, 1973. He sodomised the then 25-year-old Aruna after strangling her with a dog chain, which left her blind, paralysed and speechless. Today, she lies in a vegetative state at the hospital.

Nurses and ayahs, who have been relentlessly looking after the 61-year-old woman, felt that no one, except Aruna, had the right to take decisions about her life. The same sentiment was echoed by KEM dean Dr Sanjay Oak who said the hospital was absolutely resolute to take care of her as they have been doing all these years. "All of us at the hospital will look after her,'' he said. Oak added that he had faith in the judiciary. "We are sure that the Supreme Court will think at least 10 times before taking any decision to end her life,'' he said.
She understands hunger and is happy when she likes some particular food,'' said Oak. He added that from her gestures, they had gathered that she liked non-vegetarian food. "She also recognises some nurses and smiles at them,'' said an ayah.
Another senior nurse said, "She is the hospital's responsibility and so why should anyone have a problem with her?''

OK friends, Every day we see so many patients. Some terminally ill cancer patients suffer till the last day very well knowing their fate.

So my dear friends what you have to say about Euthanasia?
Should us doctors support it or oppose it?
Please mail me your reply?

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  1. very nice article,There are several arguments in the same line-whether mercy killing should be legalized or not? but I think if everyday a patient is going through a living hell, when everyday is a painful and lonely struggle, euthanasia or mercy killing is perceived as a blessing and not as an ethically wrong thing. I read some on http://www.lawisgreek.com/german-court-legalizes-euthanasia/